PLANTED 80 CLOVES OF EARLY PURPLE & GERMAN REDS IN MID OCTOBER 2017 IN BED 7 Planted 2 inches down and 4 inches apart. Heavily mulched with straw, and left alone until spring rains. We had a fairly mild fall and winter and the bulbs sprouted quickly and grew well! The rains were heavy this year and I noticed the necks were already getting black. I was nervous they were going to mold, so I harvested about two weeks earlier than last year. This was a good decision as the heads were a decent size, not huge, but very acceptable, and in better shape than the heads were in last year. Last year's heads were loose and cracking. This year they were smaller, but tighter, and not split. Split heads a

Homemade Oven Baked TaterChips

Now that I  am a bit wiser to good health (kind of) and try to watch my intake charts a little better I try to refrain myself a bit better when I hear that bag crackle open.  When I was a teen Daddy left the chip dude and the coke man checks in our mail box for their deliveries each week. And my part of the deal was to consume them both.  In which I was a very dedicated participant.  Geez, I was a spoiled 70's kid!  But, in everyone's defense, then a chip was just chip.  A little sliced tater, fried in oil and tossed in salt, then sealed into a foil lined bag or in my case, a big tin can. A fresh can with an ice cold Coke was snack time heaven! As far as I know, if you buy plain potato chips

How to Make Pork Loin Juicy & Flavorful

I posted this picture of a seasoned pork loin a few days ago. There seemed to be a good bit of interest in just how to make pork loin like this one, that is not dry and flat tasting. , I thought I would share with you how I season and marinate a pork loin to a full bodied flavor that is brimming in its own rich juices. So here is how to turn that into this! Well, minus the shrimp, asparagus & taters. You know how to whip those out. CHOOSE THE PROPER CUT. Make sure your loin still has plenty of fat on it. Some loins are very heavily trimmed. While it definitely looks prettier in the market, it will not look prettier once you pull it out of the oven if there was no fat left on the cut. So let


Woah Nelly! You may want to sit down for this one, with a cup of coffee, that is. I am not just saying this because I want you to make this cake, I am saying this because I know that once you make it and have a slice, you are going to make another one tomorrow, and the next day. Then you are going to make it for the next club meeting, your friend who is having a birthday, the family Christmas pot-luck, and the night you are supposed to fast before tomorrow’s annual colonoscopy… Yep, you gonna cheat and have to reschedule that fun little event. Let’s just get right to this recipe. Besides, if you happen to have been at club meeting when a crunch cake was shared, or you are that friend who is

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