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The kitchen is a joyful place to be. It represents ultimate love to me. It is where I shower myself onto the people who mean the most to me. For years I have told Hubs, "I wish we could throw out all the sofas and replace them with tables and chairs so I can have more people, more often, around tables in our home, enjoying my food and baked goods." He looked at me like I was nuts, so we kept the sofas in place.


We had family over a few days ago. I made a simple Hawaiian chicken and rice dish, served with a complimentary slaw. The fun to bake artisan bread was a beautiful addition to the table and the four of us ate most of the large loaf. Since it was cinnamon roll month in my kitchen (March), I was excited to have a big skillet full basted with a thick swath of coffee flavored frosting. It was a good day. A good day of happy conversation around a table full of delicious noms!


I would be totally comfortable to have family and friends around my table every day for the rest of my days! What better place to live and love? I don't think there is one. 

Now, go forth my loves, and bake!  ~PJ

BAKE: Project
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