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Homesteading is a lifestyle of self sufficiency. You don’t have to own 40 acres, a barn, and a herd of cattle to homestead. You can homestead at whatever pace you choose and wherever you are. I am proof of that. I would say we are about a 7.5 on an urban homesteading scale of 1-10. Okay, so we are not quite a 10, but Hubs and I use our tiny piece of the cul-de-sac pie to harvest many pounds of organic produce per year. We hunt and process our own meat, and we raise a small flock of spoiled rotten hens to lay several hundred farm fresh eggs per year for our family and friends. We are studying solar energy power, water conservation, and we are doing our best (most days) to steward Mother Earth’s resources in a way that is pleasing to The Creator.

Years ago, my mentor told me that everyone should have a mission statement in life. Here’s mine.

Live self sufficiently, love others purposefully, care deeply for Mother Earth and her creator.
~Blessings Friends!,

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