TOP 6 PIC PICKS: Depiction of Our Urban Homestead July 16 - 22, 2017

6 The garden tools were kept standing upright in this pallet until Hubs made a really cool new organizer closer to my garden. I needed a place to keep the onions for drying and the pallet worked perfectly. So don't throw your pallets away. They come in handy for a lot of things!   

5 The hennies gone a hunting under the Cuke teepee.  The cucumber variety is Mexican Sour Gherkins, and I plan to make pickles with them.  I will update this post with how that turns out soon. But if you want to  grow them I highly recommend Baker Creek Seed Company for seed purchases! They rock!  
4 Yay! It was basil pesto week!  I made so much! I promise I will update this post to that recipe too!  I just realized I chose all pics that have no past posts associated with them.  Bare with me, I'll get there, folks, but here is how to dry your basil for winter keeping. It's so easy! Do it!  

Poor Hazel. The heat index reached 105! To cool her I filled plastic bowls with ice for her hutch. The heat is dangerous for rabbits. Check here for more year rabbit keeping info! Sorry about that bright yellow shirt.  We are sports photographers by trade. I know, totally different that you were thinking, right? 

2 I just had to share this pic of Momma and her friend, Mrs. Hood. I have seriously been thinking about adding a page to my blog about Momma. She's 82, and is in a memory care facility. My journey with her and our ALZ FIGHT is a huge part of my life.  She should be represented here too. 
Biscuit day! I make Whipper Snappers and cut them with Maw's biscuit cutter! My grandmother had ten children and made biscuits almost every day! I think it is safe to say this baby has seen a lot of dough in it's day! I am so thankful for generations past!  They left us treasures!
I hope you enjoyed my Top 6 Pic Picks of July 16th - 22nd. My goal with this weekly post is as much for me as it is anyone as I highlight my favorite urban farm and family events to give gratitude to The Creator. We understand all that is good comes from Him, and that our hope is in Him alone.

"Live Self Sufficiently,  
Love others Purposefully,  
Care Deeply for Mother Earth and Her Creator" 
~Pj Oleham
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