The Black Krim Tomato and Why it is my Favorite

Last summer, at the request of a good friend, I grew the Black Krim tomato for the first time.  The Black Krim is now my absolute favorite tomato to have on a sandwich! In fact, I declare this whole bodied, zesty beefsteak to be the best tomato ever known to mankind, and I am seriously wondering why I am just now discovering it! 

So, here is the bullet list of why the Black Krim tomato is my all time favorite variety.
  • Taste:  Have you had a Black Krim? If you haven't you are missing a blessing!  Zesty but sweet, and earthy with a bite of salty tartness.  Like putting salt on your ice cream. That's so darn good! When I was a kid I crumbled potato chips on top of ice cream for that saltiness. Too bad my mother didn't just throw a black krim my direction and save my body from all that garbage food! But hey, no hate.  They didn't know then what we know now, so it is all good. *wink
  • Size: My Black Krims are coming in very large! Not as large as the Mortgage Lifter (that I regret not growing this year) but they are easily closer to pounds in weight than ounces. More poundage, more sauce! I'm good with that!
  • Aesthetics : I work hard to grow a well rounded bounty of food in my garden keeping the nutrition aspect of each plant in mind, but I would be so lying if I said beauty didn't matter.  I am a creative spirit. You know how we are.  It has to be beautiful.  The krim totally over achieves in this category! The colors are deep, and rich.  I would call it a mahogany color with splashes of blackish purple, and the deepest red lies just underneath on a globe shaped body.  It's gorgeous when sliced because the juice inside is still greenish from left over chlorophyll that this variety holds on to for some reason.  
  • Heirloom Variety:  I do my best to only grow heirloom plants because of the way heirlooms get pollinated. Heirlooms are open pollinated, meaning the bees, butterflies and other pollinators do the work of spreading the love.  Hybrid plants have been purposely designed by man and many times are also genetically modified in some lab somewhere. No thanks. I'll just stick with the lord's handiwork.  
  • Beefsteak Category:  This tomato is a great sandwich tomato.  It is large enough that it usually only takes one slice.  Beefsteaks are notorious for weighing in at a pound or more.  But this one I think will also be able to be easily sauced.  Last year when I was choosing my seed varieties I only planted one Black Krim because of it being a beefsteak tomato.  I grow mainly for saucing, thus looking at roma types. This canning season, however, I have five plants that are heavy laden with fruit and are mere days from ripening. I am seriously considering these beefsteaks for sauce.  I’ll be sure to let you know the outcome!
  • Not Seedy:  Not seedless, of course, but there's not tons of seeds.  The juice inside is thick.  The seeds hang into the juice and are very easy to spoon out.  I however choose to leave them. But for my sauce I probably will scoop them out. 
 I am sure if I kept typing I would come up with many more reasons but statistics prove you don't want to read a really long blog post, so I will just stop here and leave the rest of it for another day.  But if I can encourage you to grow the black krim I would definitely say go grow that beauty!  She will do you proud!

Here's the Black Krim on the inside.  Isn't it beautiful? Ant talk about a mean sam'ich! Grow this mater Y'all! 

Flip that Dirt, Y'all! 

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