TOP 6 PIC PICKS: Depiction of Our Urban Homestead July 8 - 15, 2017

6 After opening the coop, I head straight to the other side to start watering, harvesting, picking out weeds, and chopping the heads off those pesky aphids! Ugh, those guys are killing me this year!  But the maters are still coming, so no big worries. Did you happen to read about how I got rid of aphids?  You can here.  

5 The swiss chard keeps on keeping on, and boy am I glad!  This being our first year growing chard, it has been successful and we have discovered so many ways to cook it!  I should post a few ideas for swiss chard use.  I will update this to show you once I do.  Oh, and the zinnias.  Another staple around here.  I grow them because they are beautiful, easy to grow, and a cheery addition to any room. 
We are still waiting on the black krims to ripen up but the speckled romas are well on their way.  We should be making sauce soon! I have made sauce in the past.  If you would like that recipe, check it out here!  It's so good!
Hey look! My six poppies went to seed! haha Yeah...there was a lot left unlearned about poppies before I planted my wandering row of beautiful little vibrant reds! First of all, they were not red. Secondly, they were not wandering because only six actually sprouted.  And thirdly, they were not small, thick and compact.  They were 2 feet tall! So yeah, there's that.

The Black Krims are just days away from picking! I am so excited! Stay tuned for my upcoming post about why the Black Krim is now my all time favorite heirloom tomato variety!

We have been dragging in these beautiful speckled romas for several days now. I am not as happy with the taste as I thought I would be, but the roma's claim to fame is sauce, so that is where I will leave it until the sauce gets tasted.
Yep, it happened! But it is not my fault!  Y'all all know that, right?  Pancakes are not plated up often around here given all the sugar that goes along with them, but when they are, they are! Pancakes bring back my childhood. Happy mems! 
I hope you enjoyed my Top 6 Pic Picks of July 8th -15th.  I would like to encourage you to claim your life standard, live by it, love it, and by all means...share it!  

"Live Self Sufficiently, Love other Purposefully, Love Mother Earth and Her Creator" ~Pj Oleham
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