How to Fight Procrastination in the New Year

Being the baby of the bunch I was not shouldered with many chores or responsibilities.  But from time to time my father would have something for me to do after school that I was to have finished by the next morning when he returned home from work.  Sweep the driveway, clean up the fallen tree limbs from his highly manicured shady lawn, wrap the watering hose back up to a neat and orderly pile under the faucet so it is ready for his fescue's next shower session.  I was good at voicing my lack of desire to accomplish these small tasks with a pout and whine of how I "didn't want to".  I wish I had a dime for every time Daddy gently but persuasively told me, "Do it anyway, it builds your character.".  I never understood exactly what he meant by that. But now I do. 
Have you ever heard of Larry the Cable Guy?  Dad's "do it anyway, it builds character" is exactly what Larry means when he says "Git-R-Done".  In other words, don't sit around voicing how you don't want to do it, just do it. You will be glad you did, and others will thank you for it! that I think about it, had Dad had a publicist, we could be rich right now!

Although I didn't always want to pick up limbs or sweep the driveway nor do any other little chore that would take me away from my after school sitcom hour of The Brady Bunch and Gilligan's Island, my father taught me there are rewards in staying ahead of the curve in getting things done and off your plate.  And at the time, I just wanted to know if Marsha made the cheer team, but thankfully he had taught me that if I have accomplished the task there may be a can of Dr. Pepper waiting for me the next day to enjoy with my TV viewing.  Dad groomed me early to realize when you have a task list, just do it anyway! Or in Larry's words, just Git-R-done! 
That character building idea Dad had was right although there are times I do not want to complete what is expected of me.   I have to coach myself by whispering, "Do it anyway, Pj...just do it anyway".  Let me keep this post real by admitting I do not always listen to myself. But, when I do, I am glad. 
If there is one thing I can add to my father's "do it anyway" slogan, it would be "and do it quickly". Meaning, do not procrastinate. Just get up and get at it!  Procrastination is like an untreated cancer. Left alone it will continue to grow until you are rendered helpless. But conquered, procrastination is a short lived nuisance that fails to derail your plans of accomplishment. The only way to conquer procrastination is hidden in your heap of Git-R-Done character.  The more you "do it anyway", the higher your "Git-R-Done" heap grows.  And this, my friend, is a very rewarding character building principle. 
I've been told that people learn by and take lessons more seriously from bullet points. So, Below are ways to fight procrastination:
  • Don't procrastinate
Something tells me if this list were longer it would be easier to read. But that is the honest to goodness list of how to not procrastinate. Just don't. The more you don't procrastinate, the easier it is not to, and the more rewarding your life becomes. 
Click here to see how Larry the Cable Guy helps others by his Get-R-Done Foundation.
 "I can do all things, through Christ, who makes me strong."
                                                                                      Phillipians 4:13
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