Exactly Which Breed Is Your Favorite Chicken

So, the coop is all but finished.  It has everything but the hardware cloth and one roof leak fixed.  I painted it speckled like an egg with a red chicken door and a red people door.  Red is just best.  This coop started out as a sleigh style coop so the chickens could be pulled about the yard on fresh grass.  But Jay being the heavy lifter he is, overbuilt the darn thing so looks like the gals are going to have to learn to be happy in one spot.  Don't worry, I will do what it takes to keep them happy and healthy. I promise.

I guess you have heard that TY, my fresh egg supplier, is also hatching out my chickens.  I have been studying for quite a while trying to decide which breed of bird will be best for my little flock of six. TY is thinking that I am over thinking this whole thing.   He may be right, but I am getting just a little bit anxious about the parts I just don't know until the babies arrive.

Here's the deal.  I want eggs like TY regularly supplies to me.  They are gorgeous eggs, and very tasty too.  But there is more to chicken keeping than just the egg, right?  I mean, there's the friendship part. You know, the relationship?  Or am I putting way too much thought into this whole backyard chicken venture?  Truth is, I want beautifully nutritious and tasty eggs, and more.  I want beautiful, healthy and happy chickens too.  Not those dirty yard birds I saw under my Uncle Raymond's porch when I was twelve.  Is this asking too much?  I don't think so.  I have Lisa Steele's Fresh Eggs Daily Book, and according to it, I can have sugar coated feathered friends with pristine personalities if I put forth effort and nurture the girls into lovely little ladies.  And I plan to... just as soon as I figure out which little ladies are best for my coop 'de do!  This is why I am here with more questions.  I really don't want to mess this breed thing up! So... 

My questions to you, my chicken loving friends, are,
  • exactly which breed do I choose to achieve nesting boxes full of those gorgeous eggs like in the picture above? (those are TY's eggs)
  • exactly which breed do I choose that will be more than an egg layer? Who will be friendly and happy for me to cuddle like I cuddle a puppy?
  • exactly which breed do I choose that will play well with others and live happily ever after in her 10 foot shared dormitory without going AWAL on me? 
  • exactly which breed is your favorite chicken? And why...
Yep, I guess I am just having a tad bit of "it's time to choose the chicks and now I'm not sure which ones" anxiety! Maybe it's just me that is a chicken!?  

Any help on which breeds to choose for good eggs, happiness and love for the coop cleaner would be much appreciated!  I promise in a few months I will be a pro at backyard chicken keeping, right?  Please say yes.  OH! And once the little girlies get here and all is up and going, I will send personal thank yous for your helpful tips and advice on chicken breeds!  

Flipping My Chickens And They Aren't Even Here Yet!! 

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