3 Ingredients to Homemade Sourdough Starter: Flour, Water, Patience- DAY 7

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I didn't think day seven was going to exist as starter.  I thought I was going to be baking bread on day seven but things changed and I had to run to Alabama to check on my parents. It worked out best in favor of the life of my sourdough starter.  I just measured out the water and flour, sat it beside the jar and asked Hubs to pour out some starter and flip in the flour and water before he headed off to hunt.  Wow! Hubs either has magic in his stirring fingers, or seven days is truly the magic number for starter to start partying like it's Fourth of July!  This is the best my starter has looked!

You may have to look closer than usual, but I added the side view shot below so you can see the bubbles (minus the huge dried drips down the side of the jar) that have infiltrated the entire mass of the starter. This is good!  Be looking for these tiny bubbles to appear throughout your starter too as the perfect sign of bake time!  

Now, it is Sunday morning. I am back home. And I am making this post short so I definitely can get to the kitchen and officially kickoff bread baking season.  

Another thing that makes this an awesome day is the fact that when Hubs gets home we will have our first fire of the season as well. Isn't that ironic! This blog series about sourdough starter both began and ended with talk of fire.  How hot is that?  

Happy Flour Flipping Y'all!
NOTE: If you are reading Day 7 and want to begin a sourdough starter, click on tab for Day 1 of 3 Ingredients to Homemade sourdough Starter: Flour, Water, Patience. I will be updating each day until it is sourdough bread baking day! 
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