Twisted Energy Drink on the Cheap and Healthy

Energy drinks in cans, cups and pouches are the only way to be healthy and hip now-a-days. Ad in the extra supplements to your cup and there you are, at the summit of how Healthy in America lives. Woo hoo! I am so excited about all the programs I can buy into.  I can advertise by wearing a shirt for sparkly healthy drinks, and I can be a muscle drink distributor, in which case, I will get my stuff for less!  I have so many to choices!  It is amazing how easy it is to stay fully stocked on health drinks. Yay for us! I guess?

To each his own. If you love your sparkly cans, and fruity pouches, hey… it’s a free country, have at it! They are tasty, easy to come by and cheap! Ok, not so cheap in my opinion, but they are definitely tasty and easily accessible.

But if you happen to be a little more frugal (like me), and want to know that you know your energy drink is the best it can be for your health as well as your penny jar, here’s a concoction I make all the time. It is fast and easy to mix, gives my day a little picker-upper, made from scratch right here in my own kitchen, and cost mere pennies per serving.  

I hear citrus and green tea coupled has a bit of purification to the body. I don’t know that to be true, but if it is, that is another great reason to twist your own lemon! Here's how!
HERE'S THE METHOD: (It's so easy, I should just post the pics, but neh, I'll explain.)
 Fill the coffee cup with boiling water. Steep green tea bags for about 3 minutes.  While the tea is steeping, cut the orange and lemons into thin slices. (about 1/4 inch thick) 
Layer the oranges and lemons in the bottom of the 1/2 gallon container. Notice I use a half gallon Ball jar. AH! I love this size jar! Ok, back to our concoction...
On top of the citrus, layer crush ice to the brim, or just below. 
Finish by filling the jar up with water, leaving enough at the top for the cup of steeped green tea. 

Once the tea cools a bit, pour it over the ice until it finishes filling up container. I usually have a little left in my cup. It doesn't matter. The tea will infilterate the citrus water on it's own, but I usually give it a little whirl with my wooden spoon. Put in fridge for a couple of hours so the flavors all marry and become one big energy boosting, happy family. 
And for a bit more sweetness flavor, I think I am going to melt some honey on my next batch and throw in there. I do figure with the honey added but no preservatives added I will need to finish off the half gallon within a day or two. That shouldn't be a problem. I have a mighty big straw! I'll let ya know how it turned out.
 Hey, now that you have all that cheap energy you should get outside and flip some dirt!

Cheers Y'all! 

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