Guess What? I'm Back Y'all!

So, since we last met, I ventured off in a different direction.  Yep, I butterflied on ya. But, now I'm back.  Oh, Yay!  It is so good to be back in the blogging room, writing about things that are good, useful, and matter.  
I regret my leave was right in the middle of the growing season.  Bummer. You know what they say about life.  It happens. Some years it happens beautifully, and some not so, but just the same, it does, and I am thankful for every day of it, good and not so much. 
To be a little more transparent about my 5 month sabbatical:
I spent most of my time away caring for my ailing parents, and coddling my own emotions as I mostly flipped salty tears outside in my gardens. Dirt has a way of calming my soul and taking my heart straight to The Creator,  but I am still sorry for not keeping this bloggity rolling. Thus I resume. My very wise father once told me to take care of myself first, so I could take care of my family best. I figure that applies quite well to this little Flipping Dirt and Flours project too, right?  
So, I have had a summer of coming to terms with a fact that everyone eventually deals with.  Loss. And to boot, the losses we have suffered here are on several realms of reality which gave me a few of the hardest low hits that I've experienced.  I am sure it will take more than just one growing season to recover but my first year of sitting among the newness of plant life growing around me was an excellent start and a time I shall never forget.  At least I hope to never forget. 
I am quickly learning the facts of a terrible disease called Alzheimer's Disease (AD) which crept upon my mother, stole her emotional existence and left behind an empty earthly body. My mother was always quite a funny bunny in her day, and still loves to laugh beyond measure. If ever anyone were asked what they remember most about her, the answer is always the same, her sensational and contagious laugh.  I praise God for the fact that as of this day her laughter remains, albeit out of place more than in she can still bellow that cackle that fills a room.  Mom's once pristine personal appearance has recently been captured by the AD demon, and her biscuit making skills have been sorely missed for a while now.  With every pan of my own scratch biscuits retrieved from my oven I am reminded hers are forever gone.  I also have to admit my biscuits are still not as tall or tasty as Mom's were.  I do however wish my father wouldn't remind me of this fact quite so much.   
Mom is not quite sure she can trust anyone anymore.  This has been one of the hardest blows to my gut lately, as she is sure that her skillets and lipsticks make their way to my purse or vehicle on a regular basis.   So again, let my purse contents be spilled, or another car search begin.  I secretly encourage myself to just let it happen for Mom's sake, knowing that once we lay hands on that skillet, which is most likely under the bed or in the deep freezer, her laughter will resume along with a sheepish explanation of how she really does trust me.
My mother does not know she has a terrible disease chomping one bite at a time on who she is, but she knows she can't remember things she should be remembering.  She is aware the pictures, now labeled with familiar names and sitting on the mantle are "some good looking kids".  Her heart tells her they are supposed to be there, but her head refrains from informing her why.  When I remind her the frames each contain a picture of a grandchild now grown, she is elated with happy laughter, and usually makes her typical comment, "Well, no wonder they are all so good looking!"  I often wish my laughter could be as genuine as hers in those moments.  I am almost certain my mother's laughter and twisted humor will go with her to the bitter end. After all, she is the only person I know who could find something to laugh about at a funeral. Please don't ask me how I know that! 
So, recently I have made a decision about our situation with my mother.  While I am continuing to learn as much as I possibly can about how to best care for her (and my elderly father), I will do my best to honor my mom with what she has always done best in life. LAUGH! Because Momma laughs in the face of Alzheimer's Disease I have chosen to laugh as well. Like they say, I will fake it until I make it.  But starting now, I will do my best to trade in my tears for laughter.   I will fight the despair and hurt of slowly losing my one and only mother to this terrible life sucking mental illness with determination to live my days ahead protecting my mental health as much as possible for the benefit of my husband, children and myself.  But mostly, I will honor my mother's life with a spirit of laughter. One she possesses so well. Click on this picture link, and see for yourself! 
See! Told ya she's a funny little bunny! 
I am so excited to be back in my gardens, and kitchen while also taking care of my parents. Miss Deanie will be happy to see she and her contagious laughter is now on Youtube!  

Keep your eyes peeled for new Flipping Dirt and Flours posts.  And feel free to click, read and share them all as they roll across your *cyberpostem.  But for today, check out these current pages and please share the flipping love Y'all, Okay? 
Here are some general dirt and flours topics you will see in upcoming posts: 
  • All things organic. Gardening, cooking, and even clothing. 
  • Proper ways to prepare and process your garden veggies
  • My two thumbs worth on a few tools/products that work to make self sustaining easier and are in keeping with caring for our earth. 
  • Self sustainability facts, tips, and ideas. 
  • More amazing recipes!  I would like to say they will all be healthy recipes, but the holidays are coming, so, know. 
  • Oh, and laughter...let there be lots and lots of funny bunnies here! 

Flip More Dirt!,

*Cyberpostem:  a PawPaw (my dad) word used to describe that unseen world that dwells past the moon in the outer realms of the darkest spaces where any and all internet content must surely dwell. All PawPaw words are special and deserve to be used as much as possible, so just embrace them and be thankful they exist.   
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