Make Good On Your Promises And Always Share Your Banana Bread

I like sweet breads and I make them often. Banana bread is one that is a staple to my recipe therapy. I like it because it is so versatile. I like to add walnuts to my batter, and sometimes chocolate chips too. But when I am in a Plain Jane mood, this banana bread recipe is good enough to stand on it's own with no additions at all.

There have been a few folks to ask about my banana bread recipe, and I promised to share it.  I am away for a while and do not have access to my kitchen, my flipping utensils, or my camera for pictures so I have been waiting to blog this.  Well, yes, as a matter of fact, I am going banana's without my daily dirt and flour therapy, but we all know how tough working the earth makes a gal, so it's all good! Besides, The Creator of all life is never away and sustains us wherever we are, right? Whew, Thank God!

So, anyway, my Daddy taught us to always, always, always, make good on promises.  Now, that is what I will.

I dug deep into my handy iPhone pictures catalog and found one left over pic of  banana bread from days gone by. It is that blog header image above. Not the best picture, but acceptable.  You are going to have to use your imagination on how to gather and blend ingredients, because beyond the blog header I got nuttin'.  But honestly, you need no picture of how to make sweet bread. It's so easy to make I'm almost embarrassed!

You can make this bread in any pan you choose, but I like to use my Pampered Chef mini-loaf pans so I can share the loafs with friends.  Afterall, isn't all sweet bread made for sharing? Of course!


 To make Best Ever Banana Bread...

You're gonna need:
½ cup butter, softened
½ cup granulated sugar
½ cup brown sugar
2 eggs
1½ cup mashed very ripe bananas
 4Tb buttermilk
½Tsp vanilla
2 cup flour
1/4 Tsp salt
1/8 Tsp baking soda

*Feel free to add choco chips, walnuts, pecans, or well, anything you like really! Cinnamon sprinkled on the top is good too!
*And remember, before you bake, collect all your ingredients first.  It's easier and faster that way!

Bake it like this:
Preheat oven to 350ยบ
Spray and lightly flour pans.
I use Pampered Chef, 4 count, mini loaf pans, but you do not have to.

In a medium to large bowl cream butter and sugars together.
Add egg to sugar mixture one at at time, beating well after each.
Then add mashed bananas, the buttermilk, and vanilla.

Toss the flour, salt and baking soda together.
Slowly add the flour mixture to the wet ingredients a bit at a time until mixed into a smooth batter.
If you are adding other goodies, this is where you add them, if not,  pour batter into pans evenly.
I let my batter set for about 5 minutes before baking, then sprinkle with cinnamon just before popping in the oven..

Bake for about 26-30 minutes or until the top starts to split and bounces back when lightly touched. If you are making one large loaf it will take a considerable longer baking period.

*OH, and...
Banana bread is a very moist sweet bread.  I like to cook mine quite dark to crisp up the edges a bit. And if you are making a double batch, of  just plain and not plain, sprinkle a few of whatever you have added to the batter on top before baking so you will know which is which. 

I hope you enjoy this recipe! Let me know what you think in the comments section below! OH! And don't forget to subscribe to my blog, and SHARE this recipe! Sharing is caring! 

Flip that flour Ya'll! 
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