Skip Drive Thru: Homecook your "To-Go" Breakfast in 3 Easy Steps

Waite! Put those keys down! Do not leave home early so you can grab drive-thru breakfast before school, work or the game! Here is a fast, cheap and easy way to feed your family a tasty breakfast without the rat race of drive-thru. The breakfast sandwich! It takes me less than 15 minutes from start to finish, and is also a quick clean up, making this breakfast my go-to most days of the week. It is so easy, it was one of the very first things my son learned to cook as a boy. He still loves to cook them almost as much as he loves to eat them! The breakfast sandwich pictured above (cooked for Hubs) has organic raised sausage on it, but I do not eat pork at all, so breakfast sandwiches cooked for me do not have meat on them. You can make them with or without meat, and you can add more veggies if you would like, but to stay in the “fast food” category, keep it simple like this:

Step 1.In medium skillet fry the sausage. As it begins to brown, scramble it up into bits. Do not remove from skillet. Break egg on top of sausage and scramble into it, stirring the yolk as much as possible. Flip the egg and sausage like you would a fried egg.  *If you bought low grade, aka: greasy sausage, pat excess grease from skillet with paper towel. If it is horrendously greasy you may need to actually drain it a bit before adding egg. But a word of advise here, don't waste your hard earned dollars on low grade meats. You lose the value and the health once you have to pour all that grease off. Just sayin'. 

Step 2. Cut apart bagel. Lightly top the bottom side of bagel with a little cheese. I think of my cheese on breakfast sandwiches as the glue, so I divide the portion between all the layers to make eating the sandwich easier because it all sticks together. 
Once egg and sausage is cooked, pat off any excess grease and put on top of cheese on the bottom part of the bagel.  
Sprinkle more cheese on top of egg/sausage, and top off with bagel top. 

Step 3. Wipe excess grease out of skillet, if any, and put breakfast sandwich back in to skillet to toast both sides of bagel to a golden crunch. Sorry, I don't have a picture of the sandwich toasting in the skillet, but I have a good feeling you can toast a sandwich, right?  If your answer is anything but yes, please...put down the skillet and egg and slowly walk away from the kitchen, then hire yourself a cook! Ha ha...just kidding!    Sort of. 
 Serve warm, or can made ahead of time and wrapped for later. 

Yes, it really is just that easy! You do not have to make this in an iron skillet, but if you do not have one yet, I recommend adding a 12" Lodge to your cooking repertoire.  If you would like to know more about cast iron skillets and their benefits go here and read this. You can easily find Lodge Cast Iron most anywhere you buy kitchen utensils, but I adore the Lodge Outlet in Sevierville, Tennessee. 

So, save your money and your minutes by flipping your own breakfast sandwich!  Enjoy breakfast Ya'll!

And flip more flour!,
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