Quickly Peel Tomatoes for Cooking, Canning or Slapping on a Sam'ich

This post is for those who are like me, a tomato peeling person. Yeah, yeah, to those of you who have been peeling this way for years probably think this is a silly point to make.  But to folks like me, who never knew, this quick and easy tomato peeling process this new info is time in the bank! So, if you already know how to quickly prep tomatoes for canning, making sauces, or to just slice and refrigerate for today’s lunch sandwiches, go ahead and chuckle that I am actually blogging this how-to, but if you waste countless hours peeling tomatoes with a knife this quick process will give you a new edge.

Okay… Let’s get started because this is going to take us all of about 5 minutes. 

Start by lightly scoring an X on the bottom of each tomato.

Grab a large pot and fill it with hot water to about half full. Bring to a rolling boil. While waiting on your water to boil, fill another large pot (or I just use one side of my sink) with ICE water. Make sure it’s cold, cold, cold. Brrrrr! I use quite a lot of ice in mine.

Drop tomatoes in the boiling water and boil them for 1 minute. Yes, 1 minute, that’s it because at the 1 minute mark, the peels will buckle and start separating from the fruit.

With a large slotted spoon retrieve boiling tomatoes from the water and plunge into the ice water.
The ice water stops the cooking process, that’s why it needs to be incredibly cold. Allow the tomatoes to float in the water another minute. 

If you have a large pile of tomatoes to peel, this is where you start this process over with a new batch to the boiling water while this batch chills.

Now comes the hard part. Slip the peels off the cooled tomatoes. 
There ya go... quick peeled 'maters! 
The End.
Hope this helps speed up your tomato peeling process! Everybody knows you need that extra time for eat'n those 'maters, right?
~Blessings Y'all,
...and remember, Flip more dirt and flours!

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