Never Eat Store Bought Ice Cream Again

Whew, it’s hot! We all knew it was coming. And now here we are, wiping our brows, as we are mired up in the middle of the month of August! In these gorgeous tree covered The rolling hills of Middle Tennessee are gorgeously green this time of year as the leaves are at max chlorophyll capacity and just hanging out for the beautiful return of their climax month of October. But for today, the humidity seems to drip to our shoulders from the heavenly percolator as we remain committed to the last fruits of the tomato vines and okra stalks. Chin up, Folks! We can do it! We can make it just a few more weeks as we stock our cupboards and freezers with rewarding God given fruits of our own personal little edens. As I watched Hubs wring the sweat out of his shirt last week it dawned on me. It’s time to make that sweet man his favorite cold and creamy dessert! He, and all the world, should have a big ole bowl of that chocolatey goodness ! OH Man! If only I could feed the entire world ice cream we all should find peace! Okay, maybe not perfect peace, but our tummies would all be happy, and that dreadful humidity would subside while we live in that moment of bliss. This is a cooked ice cream recipe. I know there are some really good ice cream recipes out there that do not require cooking, but remember, those eggs are raw in those recipes and as with any raw egg delight, that could possibly cause your moment of ice cream bliss to be anything but thankful after consuming those raw eggs. So, in my hope for world peace and happiness, I choose to cook my eggs. I happen to have the ice cream maker attachment for my Kitchen Aid mixer, but this recipe can be used in any maker you should have. Of course, you know that I am in love with anything that attaches to my Kitchen Aid. But somewhere deep down in my soul is that yearning for that old cedar bucket that my little six year old butt sat atop while Daddy cranked out the frozen cream goodness and shared with friends after a full week of nightly church revivals to which I had to wear a dress and stiff shoes.  Boy, am I ever thankful for the correction to that little southern worship requirement!  To this day, I wont wear a stiff shoe, but I do still love a good old fashion tent revival! haha

Enjoy your ice cream! 


In a saucepan, place ½ cup whipping cream and unsweetened chocolate squares.  Heat slowly while stirring until the chocolate squares melt.

Remove from heat and set aside. It will thicken like below as it cools.

In  a different saucepan place the half-and-half and scald, but do NOT boil. Set aside to cool. (Sorry, no pic of half-and-half on the stove, but it's showing below after it has been scalded. Besides, is it really that important to depict milk sitting in a pan on the stove? Didn't think so.)

In a small bowl, combine the sugar and cocoa powder. Set aside, as is shown below with the upside down spoon.

In a mixer bowl, break and separate egg yolks from the egg whites. We do not use the whites in this recipe. (Tip: You can keep your egg whites for up to three days in the fridge and make other nice things like meringue or mayo.)

Using the wire whisk slowly combine the sugar/cocoa mixture to the egg yolks. Mix until well blended and slightly thickened.

Next, slowly add to the above egg mixture the melted chocolate and the cooled half-and-half mixture. Mix until well blended.

Now, return mixture to the medium saucepan and slowly cook over low to medium heat until small bubbles form around the edges of the mixture and it begins to be steamy but NOT boiling.

Take off heat and add the remaining 1½ cups whipping cream, the 4 tsp (plus a 
splash) vanilla  and the 1/8th tsp salt.

Cover and chill until nice and cold. It usually takes mine about 4 hours or so chilling in the fridge. Once mixture has become cold from the fridge, process as you wish according to your  ice cream maker’s directions.

Using my KA attachment the ice cream is awesome, but not a hard consistency when it is ready.  It is more like a Wendy’s Frosty texture.  That is great, but we like ours hard so after we get our sample straight from the paddles, I pour up the rest and put in the freezer to harden for a few hours.

It is so yummy in the tummy and totally worth cooking the ingredients and the process of the steps.  If you decide to make this delicious ice cream, let me know what you think of the recipe in the comments at the bottom of this blog post.  But get that chocolate off your face first!

Flip Dirt and Flours Y'all- then churn the ice cream!

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