Homemade Potato Chips In 20 Minutes

Yes, this bag has been recycled! YAY!

I am a chip eater. No, I am a chip devour-er. No, truth is, if you put a bag of Lay's in front of me, those suckers are completely annihilated in a matter of minutes. If you want to lose a hand just go for my chip bag Buddy! You will be an instant amputee right then and there! Jay, my ever so constant Hubs knew I loved him the day I offered him a chip from my Pringles can. He jokingly but sort of not says he knew he was in the PJ club that day.  Isn't that romantic?  
Mr. Tater Chip however, has not dealt me a very good relationship once he started getting all fancy and adding different flavors to our dates.  Sour Cream and Onion flavor was great until I breathed on you, and the sassy little BBQ flavor was and always will be my absolute favorite!  But now that I  am wiser to good health (kind of) and try to watch my intake charts a little better I just can't get an "it's okay to not eat just one" feeling when I hear that bag pop open.   All those endless and delicious added flavors these days sadly bring all those added "non food" ingredients.  Acrylamide? What is that?  
Anyway,  I have totally held up my end of the bargain for years now.  When I was a teen Daddy left the chip dude and the coke man checks in our mail box for their deliveries each week. And my part of the deal was to consume them both.  In which I was a very dedicated participant.  Geez, I was a spoiled 70's kid!  But, in everyone's defense, then a chip was just chip.  A simple little sliced tater, fried in oil with salt, sealed into a foil lined bag. A fresh bag with a Coke was snack time heaven! 
As far as I know, if you buy plain potato chips in the yellow bag, or any bag most likely you will still get fried taters in oil with salt added. Lots and lots of salt!  But who is happy with just the plain ole chip these days? Not many.  It's got to be Fire and Brimstone, Onions with Pickle Bellies, or some sort of Plastic Cheesy something to make eye level shelf position at the market. And they are all so tasty, and crunchy, and so awesome at making your teeth feel violated! SCRAAAATCH! Okay, stop it right there! That's where PJ draw's the line and Hubs steps in to save the snack attack! (see the save below) 
The moral of this story is: 
If you have a craving for a pile of thinly sliced, drowning in oil, and  extremely salty chip, go for it. They are usually on about aisle 9 at Publix.  Or...you can be a real tater annihilator like my lovely hubs.  He found a better and even tastier way to serve up my favorite late night, early morning, mid-day snack.  And the best part about it is, they pack the same big crunch with real food flavor and a heck of a lot less salt and oil!  I call them "Baked Jay's". Now isn't that clever? *wink 

Here's how to make Baked Jay's in no time at all!

Let me know how your chips turned out!

Flipping Dirt & Flours,

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