ANT BOMBS: Such a dirty trick, I almost feel bad.

Those pesky little ants! Ugh! They are everywhere! And when I say everywhere, I mean it. Our whole community is covered up with them to the point it has even made the six o'clock news around here. 
One day Hubs was reading about how to control grasshoppers, and ran across a post from a gal who shares my disdain for excessive ants. But she was way happier than I was at the time because while my ants were bellying up to my kitchen bar, and asking to borrow the car, hers were... well, hers were dead.  Her post explained how she controls the humongous ant population around her rural Mississippi mini-farm with a simple little concoction.   She was even kind enough to share the recipe. I figured it was just going to be one big ant infested sticky mess, but I really despise this ant problem around here, so we decided to give it a shot.  I so apologize to Miss Nice Mississippi Mini-Farm Girl. We failed to save your post so we could give you credit for the recipe but we do thank you very much for sharing.  It has saved my summer deck parties, my kitchen sink, and my beloved okra garden. 
So, for you folks who have legions of ant colonies at your place, try these ant bombs.  The theory is that the worker ants take the lethal borax laced sugar back to the actual colony where their queen eventually can't resist a taste.'s just such a dirty trick.  I really do feel bad. Well, sort of. 
So, here's the recipe & how to bait the ants:
I last planted bombs around the outside of my house, inside my garden, and around my deck about 5 weeks ago. ants. BAM! 

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