Rid Your Garden of the Potato Flea Beetle

My garden is looking great.  We are super excited about it.  All ten tomato plants are thriving and beginning to produce baby 'maters.  The okra, onions, peppers, and herbs are all coming right along as well are the potatoes. In fact the potatoes are doing so well that a certain little creature has decided to take up residence and enjoy potato leaf salads all day for din din. Oh, no you don't little fellers! I know this is an organic garden, but that doesn't mean nothing is going to happen if you move your tiny little munching mobster selves here! Oh no, no, no. This means war!

I declared war on what I think is called the potato flea! A kind of cute but deadly little army of millions! Don't let the pictures fool ya.  I used my handy little iPhone macro lenses to shoot these pictures of the potato fleas that are consuming my potato plant leaves.  They are very tiny.  Like, really really tiny! You could probably fit about ten of them on a pencil eraser. There are a lot of them invading my tater territory, and this ain't gonna work! However, I quickly realized the potato flea forces are just too vast for me to continue to sit by the plants and pick them off one at a time.  I'll leave that kind of war to the real snipers.  Besides, turns out, just like any other flea these little fellows can jump and my aim is not that great.
Of course, as we all do my first turn for help was toward Google god! (Yes, I did mean for that to be a lower case "g" for the word god. Google is godly, but not that godly.) And as always Google offered up the solution.  Meet my newest weapon, okay so far my only weapon for declaring war on the potato flea! This lethal mix had all sorts of cleaver names by others in cyberpostem, but I call it "Wicked Bug Brew".  It is completely organic, very easy to concoct, and seems to do the trick on the war on potato fleas. But be ready to put on your nose clip! Whew, it is rank! 
Here's the recipe for it:  
So, it's easy to mix. Just throw the onion and the garlic cloves into your blender. Puree it as thinly as you can get it. Then strain the puree through cheese cloth or something comparable to further reduce it down to as much juice instead of puree as possible. Then add the cyan pepper and dawn dish washing liquid. Let sit over night. The next day pour about a half cup of puree into a quart jar and fill the rest with water. Stir well then transfer to a spray bottle.  Now you are ready to fight the good fight and win the war on bugs!   Oh, if you want your brew to be even more deadly, drop a small sachet of pepper flakes over in your jar after adding water. As it sits it will become stronger. 
Safety note: Spray plants either early in the morning or late in the evening.  I noticed spraying during the heat of the day tends to burn the leaves of the plant a bit. 
(Sorry little buggies, but you guys just eat too darn  much!)

Keep flippin' that dirt!


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