SMOOTHIE: Strawberry Queen

MMM...Strawberries!  Along about the first week of June I will be making tons of these Strawberry Queen Smoothie's.  They are pretty dang good now, but it's March and in March the strawberries are sort of like those Tyson chickens.  All cooped up with no place to go.  Born and bread in a hot house.  But my point of this post is not about not buying hot house fruits, it's about Strawberries and their many benefits to our body that earn them their queenly status on the healthy smoothies list. did a piece on the health benefits of strawberries and #2 on their list is my #1!  Short term memory health!  I knew they are high in antioxidants and fiber, which are natural cancer fighters, they are very tasty (especially with chocolate) and they are a great summer time refresher just after hard work, or the thought of hard work! 

I did not know that strawberries also:
  • Fight Aging by helping our skin to stay tight without sagging and bagging...blahhh!!!
  • Are a natural weight loss fighter by burning fat cells in our bodies. 
  • Ease inflammation in joints (for my friends with arthritis and other joint issues)
  • Can lowers our risk of macular degeneration, an eye condition that leads to blindness
  • Help our hearts with it's flavonoids (flavor and color).   Strawberries flavonoids are a natural cardio booster which aids in fighting heart disease.  
WOW!  I think strawberries just got added to my garden's grow list!  

Strawberry Queen Smoothie
Pj scores this recipe as: Fights for your life!Quite tasty (-)Thickbut that's not always a minus

Yield: About 4 cups liquid

How to do it:

  • As always, put your wet ingredients into the blender first. In this case that would be the Greek yogurt, the vanilla and honey.  I use a Ninja to make my smoothies, but as long as you have a good quality blender, most any will do the trick.  
  • Once your wet ingredients are in the blender, add the ice, then bananas, strawberries and spinach.  I usually put the spinach in last since it will take less blending than the fruits. 
  • Start out by pulsing the blender just until the wet ingredients are incorporated with the rest.  
  • After incorporating, put on blend and let that machine go to town! It won't take long, so keep your hungry in check. Your smoothie is only seconds away! 
  • Pour it up, throw in a straw! 
  • Sometimes my bananas are a little larger so the smoothie ends up a bit thicker.  I tend to like my smoothies not so thick, so in this case I may add an extra ice cube or two to thin it down a little. 
So, there you go Smoothie Queens! One (or two or more) Strawberry Queens, quickly out of the blender! YAY!  OH! Don't get so excited over your Strawberry Queen that you forget to immediately rinse out the blender cup.  It's so much easier to clean that way!
Don't ask me how I know that.  ...argh

Thanks for reading, Y'all!
Remember to flip some dirt and flours and have a smooooothie kind of day!


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