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Stand Mixers
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If you like to bake and have not invested in a good mixer yet, don't walk, but run to the nearest kitchen appliance center and invest in the best Kitchen Aid mixer you can afford. I promise, you will be thankful you did!  I think all the models are awesome but I believe when something calls for an investment you should give it all you got as to reap the largest reward possible.
I was a lucky girl when Santa brought my black onyx Professional 500 Kitchen Goddess. With this beauty humming proudly in my work space, my kitchen experience took a turn I will never regret. Everything is just better.  The Kitchen Aid mixer brings countless benefits to your kitchen, and is definitely worth the cost.  But especially if you bake bread and cookies...or make pasta...or grind meat...or slice cheese...or make ice cream.  Yeah, you probably should just go ahead and flip out your wallet.  Run toward the light my friends, make that investment into kitchen royalty.

There, now doesn't that feel better?  Told ya. *wink

Oh, and PS.~ No, Kitchen Aid did not pay me to post this ad.  It's true love.
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