I have no idea why I was born in this life and not on the prairie.  Maybe it's because I am afraid of the dark, I freeze to death in anything less than 81°F, and I have this nasty little addiction to Diet Coke. (Our secret. K? Okay. Besides, I really am working on it.)
One of our many primitive cooking utensils that is still alive and well in a lot of American homes is the "black skillet", as my momma calls it, aka cast iron!  Cast iron can be found all over this land, from the cowboy's horse barn to the gourmet chef's kitchen, but sadly for many years it has been riding behind our more modern day kitchen tool friends, Mr. Stainless Steel and his sidekick Miss Teflon Coating.  But our great mother's mother had no such luxury of choice in cooking pots.  They all used cast iron because cast iron was what they had, not because they had some strange mega-affection toward their cooking tools like I do.  In my kitchen are five cast iron skillets of various sizes, a huge enameled cast iron dutch oven, and a much smaller, 2 quart-oh so incredibly cute-Kermit green, enameled cast iron pot.   Will I stop at only 7 cast iron cooking pieces? Oh, no no...not now that I have found the Lodge Cast Iron Outlet store, just a few hours away from me, in the foothills of the Great Smokey Mountains.  So, why do I have such an affection toward cast iron other than the obvious reason of it's PX90 cornbread work out qualities on the lumpy bicep muscles?  

Here are a few good reasons why I PUMP IRON in my kitchen. You should pumps some iron too!

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What are your thoughts on cast iron cookware VS stainless steel and teflon?

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