3rd Try Pizza Sauce

I am not sure why I don't go with what someone else has already proven to be worth your efforts, but for some reason I tend to want to do all my own testing.  Goofy at times and time consuming, but I do land a pretty decent concoction from time to time.  This is one of those times. 
Once I finally arrived at a good and easy pizza crust recipe, it was only natural to start experimenting with the sauce.  My first pizza sauce was a total bust. None of the ingredients were fresh.  Bleh...  The second batch had fresh garlic and other spices, more salt and a touch of sweetness to offset the garlic.  It was actually fairly good, but was still lacking.  With the same ingredients, just boosting them a bit by cooking differently, I got a hearty sauce that compliments a pizza pie beautifully.   I can't wait to make this recipe even better by using my own fresh grown tomatoes from my very own garden this summer!  You know, they say the third time is always charm!   

Note: Before starting this recipe make sure you have fresh large roasted garlic on hand.  If you don't, roast your garlic now.  It's easy! If you need to know how, click here! 

3rd Try Pizza Sauce

Pj scores this recipe as: quite easyfun to make, very tasty 
Yield: enough sauce for 2 large pizzas or 3 med-small pizzas

1 can tomato paste (Keep the can! You will need it.)
2TB extra virgin olive oil
1 TB or more fresh roasted garlic
1 green onion (finely chopped, ok, pulverized)
1 tsp salt
1 tsp apple cider vinegar
½ tsp honey
1 tomato paste can of water 
fresh basil
fresh oregano


In a saucepan on medium-low heat combine olive oil, roasted garlic and chopped green onion with tomato paste.  Then add salt, honey and vinegar. Fill the empty tomato paste can with warm water.  While whisking the paste and other ingredients over the heat, slowly start adding the can of warm water to mixture. If the mixture is bubbling too hot and feels like it may burn turn the heat down to a low simmer setting on your stove.  As Mixture thickens continue to add more water by tablespoon size portions until it reaches a consistent spreading thickness that you like.  I like mine thick but still easy to spread. 

Once the sauce consistency is not changing much add a heap of fresh chopped basil and oregano. I like to keep these on hand growing in my kitchen and for this sauce I used about 6-7 fairly large leaves of basil and about the same in bulk or maybe a little less actually of the oregano, but a lot of oregano.  

Cook this on simmer, stirring frequently for at least an hour.  I simmered my last batch for almost two hours and it turned a beautiful red/brown color.   

I taste to make sure there is enough salt before the long simmer.  You may need to continue to add bits of water until all the herbs and spices are meshed together nicely. You gotta do the taste test to make sure you have your herbs exactly where you want them. I like mine pungent. 


You can also double this recipe.  I did and it turned out great.  

If you do not use all of your sauce you can store it for about a week or so in an airtight container.  I have not tried to freeze this sauce but plan to soon.  I'm thinking it may get too watery once frozen, but I will test it anyway.  I will update this blog with the results once I try freezing it.

Let me know how your batch turns out by leaving comments here or if you have any other ideas to make this recipe best, let me know. 

Enjoy your piz-ZA!!! 

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