Why this blog?

After many years of working in corporate America I finally was able to come home to the farm. Okay, maybe not quite the farm since the good neighbors are huddled all the way around my culd-a-sack but it's the farm in my head and heart and I refuse to give up on that dream. 

Jay, the loving hubs, and I are self employed.  Our small photography business is a blessing.  We have not always had exactly what we want in life since choosing to leave two good paying, rat race jobs to pursue our passion for photography and art, but God has blessed us with more than enough.  Thank you, God!  This blessing has taught us to listen to the nudges and smudges in life and take action toward good things even if it's a little scary; which leads me straight to my next point about our desire to simply live better by flipping more dirt outside and more flour inside!  We have made a commitment to live a bit smaller, enjoy our years more organically, and in the process hopefully just become better people for ourselves, for Mother Earth, the Creator, and you.  It does have it's highs and lows but I have to say, I love where we are in life.  As the years on the farm have progressed, my seasons here consists of  summers flipping dirt from shovels, planting sweet juicy foods, and plucking not so sweet weeds from my garden and my winters are smothered in King Author Flour, local country eggs and my almighty, Black Onyx Metallic Professional 500 Kitchen Aid Mixer, the goddess of all kitchen appliances! Yee Ha! 

Yes, Mother Earth (ME)is a precious thing to me.  I love her dearly.  I have some pretty deep rooted philosophies of how she should be appreciated and cared for. Last year Jay and I committed to being better stewards of the good green earth, beautiful blue waters, and all the whole foods that were placed here for you and me to enjoy.  Jay and I are newbies at our promise to live better, but overall I would say we probably landed a pretty solid B on our short test on living better. Yippee!  

Now that we've broken the ice and organically grown a few veggies, and baked and cooked more than we picked up drive-thru it's time to step it up a notch!  Hopefully, this blog will help us to improve our commitment of flipping more dirt and flours and stay the course toward better and healthier living.  I'm sure it will be an evolution of form and growth, but my vision for this blog is for it to become my go-to spot to list and hopefully find helpful tips, advice, and lessons in organic gardening and natural earthy kitchen and life practices.  

So, please stop in from time to time.  This is a learning place, so if you have a helpful tip or idea on any of my posts or pages please indulge us!  Maybe as "Flipping Dirt and Flours" grows it will help you too!  That would really make me happy, and Jay and I are all about happy! 

Thank you for visiting my very first post!  If you come here again soon, don't be surprised if it has completely changed.  I'm a little indecisive sometimes and I tend to start over a lot on things. ie: this very first post is already on it's 3rd revision!  I know, I know... I'm working on undoing the fact that I undo so many things that really don't matter much, but for the past few decades it has been a fail. It just makes me feel better to come clean on that little character trait flaw, so there, secret is out!  But hey, look on the bright side, now you know if we get together for pizza night, you should just go ahead and choose those pizza toppings without my input!  Trust me, it's just better.  Besides, as long as I get to flip that pizza pie the toppings are just icing on the crust! So go ahead... put on your appetite and suite thyself!

Ooooh, I am so excited!  This better living idea blog has me grabbing my favorite apron...and shovel! YAY OH YAY!  ~happy happy joy joy~ Yall come back now! 

And remember, Flip More Dirt and Flours!,


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